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Jeff Hughes is the CEO and co-founder of Sterling Lawyers, one of the most influential and largest family law firms in the United States. He’s an expert on building and scaling family law firms.

Jeff and his co-founder, Tony Karls, started Sterling Lawyers on June 23, 2014.  The firm grew to 25 lawyers and $15 Million + in revenue within the first ten years.

As the oldest of eight siblings in a blended family, Jeff began his legal journey from humble beginnings, growing up in a broken home that seemed to always hover slightly above the poverty line.  By the time he was 18, he had lived in 18 different places.

In college, Jeff studied History (because it was the “easiest major”) and worked his way through, holding up to three jobs at one time.  Unfortunately, he didn’t have the grades or credentials to attend a prestigious law school.  So, Jeff chose the one with the lowest tuition that would accept him (Southern Illinois University in Carbondale).

After law school, Jeff had two job offers.  One was with the State’s Attorney in his hometown of Edwardsville, Illinois.  The other was with a small, community law firm in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

He chose the law firm job for the simple reason that it seemed to offer him the best path out of poverty and into financial stability.

This turned out to be a life-defining decision because it introduced him to family law.

The rest is history.  Jeff quickly realized that his talents lay in connecting with and serving family clients.

Today, Jeff is a devoted follower of Jesus.  He and his wife, Winona, live in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin with all six of their children nearby.

Jeff cherishes his responsibilities of being a husband and dad.  When he’s not doing that, you will find him at the CrossFit gym, playing fingerstyle guitar, straining on the pickleball court, casting for fish, or thinking about eating warm chocolate chip cookies.

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